November Updates

November bring us a few large updates and many small fixes, including a functional update to our website. Read all about them below!


  • New security measures
  • Game optimization to address lag
  • In-game timers working in real-time
  • Army Page glitch fixed and page optimized
  • Small fixes to in-game communication pages
  • Bounty List issue fixed
  • Maintenance Mode pop-up patched
  • New lot of cheaters and scripters removed
  • Email alerts via our website for new blogs

As always, we encourage players to get in contact with us via our various platforms if they are in doubt of anything or have questions. To ensure players are following the game rules, it’s always best to ask us; being given incorrect information from other players will not excuse violations of our Terms of Service. For general questions players are unsure about, our Frequently Asked Questions (or FAQ) page can help answer this! And if it doesn’t, get in touch with us and we’ll get it added.

Email alerts are now available through our website for any new updates that are posted here! The subscription box can be found at the bottom of any page on our website, and will send an email if any new updates are posted to the Updates section. If you are experiencing any problems or issues with this, do let us know!

We hope you enjoy these month’s updates, and as always any questions, problems or feedback can be sent direct to us on our support line (we are open to communication 7 days a week with a response rate of 1-3 business days).