Do you have a release date for [game]?
Nope, sorry! We can't offer any release dates as we both work on these projects part-time in between real life. We do what we can and try get it out as soon as possible.

When will you be remaking [game]?
See above- sorry, but we can't make any date promises for when a certain game will be done!

When will the testing phase for [game] be done?
When the final is ready to be released- however long this may take. Again, see above for why we can't give release dates.

What games are you recreating?
All of the old live series! They won't be exactly the same as the old titles, but we hope to expand on them and help fill the void they left. This essentially amounts to the following titles:

  • iMobsters
  • Kingdoms Live (now Knights Reforged!)
  • Ninjas Live
  • Pets Live
  • Racing Live
  • Rock Battle Live
  • Vampires Live
  • World War Live
  • Zombies Live
Can I get my old Storm8 account back?
No sorry. We're not Storm8, nor are affiliated with them in anyway, so have no control over what happened in and with the old games. We're just a pair of gamers trying to recreate these lost games and expand on them so we can keep playing them indefinitely- this unfortunately means having to start over.

How many accounts can I have?
2 accounts per device for each game is permitted- any additional ones may result in all of your accounts being closed!

Will the games be exactly like the old titles?
Not entirely. We're using the idea of these games as a base to build ours off of. The overall layout will be similar, but with our own original graphics, artwork and coding architecture. All the bugs and glitches from old games will be fixed and patched in ours. And most importantly, we're working to add features that gamers want to see in the games with their feedback.

Are you making the games with the intention to sell them once completed?
Most definitely not. It's too big of a risk to see what happened with the old games occur all over again. Don't forget that we're playing the games alongside you- we want what's best for the players as we're players ourselves!

Will my beta account(s) be reset when the final game is released?
Yes, all accounts will be, no exceptions. This is to ensure old bugs that weren't retroactively removed don't return into the game, as well as to make sure everyone is on the same level playing field- beta tests are made easier on purpose so that you can progress faster and test more things.

I still haven't gotten my email for the iOS beta test!
Be sure to check your spam folder as many have had their invites go there unknowingly.

Will we be able to purchase Skill Points?
This feature will not be added into the games in order to help keep the gameplay balanced and avoid any "pay to win" situations.

Is there a faster way than posting my code to invite others in the game?
There is- you can get the game to automatically generate your code into a link without even having to remember your code. Simply type the word CODE in square brackets and when posted, it will transform into a link of your unique code. It should look like this before posting: [CODE]