Welcome to Bluepaw Games, a mobile web application software development company.

We are responsible for the creation of Knights Reforged, with many upcoming games planned for the near future through popular demand. In our current games, we work to correct problems, actively monitor for and remove cheaters as well as improve on the games with user submitted feedback.

The development team currently consists of two people, Bluesonic1 and Involution, who work part-time to produce these free-to-play games. Please bear this in mind for support requests, and expect your request to be processed within 1-3 business days.

Latest News

UPDATES: Bot/spam account mass removals Server optimizations Database optimizations Forum back-end code upgrade Website security updates Comment report database update…

Future Content

We have an entire line of games planned, as well as additional features for our current game. Learn more by clicking the link below.

Cross-Platform Applications

All our games work responsively, regardless of resolution or operating system; both Android and Apple users will be able to play together.

User Curated Content

Our games are reflections of the amazing support the community has provided for us. A large portion of crucial gameplay implementations and renditions has been user suggested content or voted upon by the community. There is even a GamesKeys article published by a fan where you can read more about feedback on our game Knights Reforged!