December Updates

We hope everyone’s been enjoying the holiday season, and have great plans for the new year to come! We’ve been busy as usual; read on about the changes that have been happening this month below.


  • Android update patch
  • New security features
  • In-app purchase issue fixed
  • Bounty List timer fixed
  • Correction to in-game guide
  • New lot of cheaters and scripters removed

During this month there has been unusually high activity involving faking purchases through Apple or Google Play stores. This kind of activity crosses past our Terms of Service and into illegal/fraudulent activity, that also violates Apple and/or Google Play store policies. Because of the nature of these actions, we will not only be banning these users from our service but also reporting them with evidence to the appropriate company who can take actions based on their associated Terms of Service.

We’ve had a few emails come in regarding the use of counterfeit iTunes cards being used to make purchases in our app. While we are obviously strongly opposed to this kind of activity, there is unfortunately no action we can take as this is outside of our legal jurisdiction. To protect the security of customers, we cannot see any payment details for those who purchase in our app (let alone whether they have used a gift card or not), and this information is instead processed by Apple and their associated systems. The use of these cards do not impact the functionality of our games, but they do impact Apple as a business in a negative way. If you encounter any of these counterfeit cards, or know of those who are using them, please file reports directly with Apple support so that they can assist you with these.

Many will be aware of the recent issues we’ve had regarding accounts being unlinked from devices and shown a message related to violations of our Terms of Service. We apologise for these issues, and we are still currently working on resolving this issue and those related to it. Please be aware that at this stage, we are trying to get players reconnected back to their accounts before beginning investigations into those who have been cheating- we would rather innocent players get their accounts back as soon as possible as opposed to holding them in limbo while investigations are on-going. Please know that any who were caught in this issue that were in some way cheating will soon be found and removed, and we apologise for any inconveniences these current issues have caused to users.

We hope you enjoy these month’s updates, and as always any questions, problems or feedback can be sent direct to us on our support line (we are open to communication 7 days a week with a response rate of 1-3 business days; please note there may be delays during the holiday period).