Small Updates

Yet another month has flown past us; be sure to catch up on what’s been happening around the game!


  • New security patch
  • Wiki updates
  • Fix to address game lag on certain devices
  • New in-game message page for those facing disciplinary action(s)
  • Changes to our Palringo room

We’ve had a few players email in concerns regarding other players who imitate them in the game with the intention of having the original player banned. Association by name alone will never be enough to warrant any kind of disciplinary action on our part. We have multiple features in the background that help us to identify players, so rest assured that others violating the Terms of Service will not get you banned. Similarly, we do not ban on reports alone; when a report is received, an investigation is conducted to review what is actually happening in the game. So for any players concerned that they will be reported by another player holding a grudge with no valid reason, rest assured that this is not an issue either.

Many players who kept in contact via our Palringo room, “Bluepaw Games”, will be aware that we have had our fair share of technical problems with the room. We have worked with Palringo staff in the past to help attempt to resolve these, and some may have seen them active in our room. Due to this and other issues, as well as the room being used for general chat as opposed to receiving updates from us, we have decided to phase out the room until its eventual closure. We are still available on the Palringo app for those who wish to remain in informal contact with us, by sending us a private message. You can find links to our platforms, as well as our primary email address to send in support requests to, via this profile as well.

We hope you enjoy these month’s updates, and as always any questions, problems or feedback can be sent direct to us on our support line (we are open to communication 7 days a week with a response rate of 1-3 business days).