Knights Reforged


Status: Released
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Knights Reforged is an MMORPG where you level up, build an army, and compete with other players to rule the land.

Build your empire and compete with other players, while you forge yourself a complex economy of income from your land and gold through questing and battles. New weapons, spells, armors and land unlock as you level up. You won’t get anything done alone though- recruit people into your army for a better chance at success in battle.

Keep pushing to be one of the top players in the game, and dominate your enemies. Team up with other players, or go to war – the choice is yours!

Planned Features for Knights Reforged

Disclaimer: Not all ideas listed may make it into the game for various reasons. List is in no particular order. List is not exhaustive and new ideas may be added at any time.

  • Daily Bonus
  • Notification for pending army requests
  • Notifications for when being attacked or left a comment
  • “Most Listed” on the Leaderboard
  • Ancient Points sales during holidays
  • Hosted events (can be holiday themed)
  • Broadcasting to Army list
  • Sounds & music added to the game
  • Extra equipment slot for loot item usage
  • Multiple bounties usage

Clan Expansions:

  • Ability to “join” clans
  • Clan wins and losses/clan rankings
  • Broadcasting (to clan)
  • Clan tag separate to name

Quest Expansions:

  • Ability to “complete” a quest (bonus reward & success artwork)
  • Storylines
  • Loot
  • Quest category completion reward

Features that made it into the game:

  • Skill Point selection- add or remove before making a final selection
  • Block function will also hide blocked player’s comments from blocker’s wall
  • More options in dropdown menus for “Buy/Sell More”
  • More Ancient Points purchase options
  • Game-wide announcement system for important news
  • Global loss/death limit
  • Add Army Invite button to players’ profiles