Major Updates

Another month has passed us, and while the fortnightly update may have gone missing, we certainly have not! We’d like to take the opportunity to briefly remind players not to buy into rumors or brew speculations- it is in the nature of cheaters to lie and scare others into not playing as they now realize there’s no other way to ruin the game for players in general. If you have doubts or concerns, contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss them with you- we’re open to communication 7 days a week!

Before we get to the usual list of updates, we have a very important update that is coming through to our Terms of Service that players will need to familiarize themselves with. This new clause will target the increase of abuse we’ve noted when it comes to the ability to have multiple accounts, with these extra accounts being used for the sole benefit of a “main” account as opposed to being played and built like a regular playing account should be. Some terms (though not limited to) we’ve heard used to describe these kinds of accounts are “boosters” or “pushers”- accounts that are purely used to increase the abilities or statistics of another chosen account(s), normally by spamming attacks so the benefiting account gains false experience and wins. This is different to “ATM” accounts who have a distinct playstyle that involves arming and disarming, purchasing or selling land, progressing through quests, and occasionally hosting events for players.

The new clause is as follows and can be found under the Accounts section:

“Any accounts made by an individual within these regulations that are created for the sole purpose of being used to the benefit of another account(s) (whether owned by the same individual or not), or abused to the point where it is acting as sole benefit to another account(s) can result in the termination of the abused account and those that were a beneficiary of the account.”

As the clause states, this is encompassing accounts being abused rather than played. We’ve decided to add this clause in to compromise as opposed to straight reverting players to only being allowed to have one account per device. The main reason this type of account abuse is being targeted is because we are seeing abuse levels that almost rival those seen in script or “bot” users- aside from this being ridiculous, it makes it harder for us to find and take down the real scripters without also accidentally taking out players who weren’t intending on breaching our Terms of Service, as well as providing a potential platform for scripters to appeal their ban and continue scripting in the game. We hope players can understand why we have decided on this course of action, and how much of a risk this poses to the game if we choose to allow these kinds of false accounts.

Another large issue we’ve encountered, and are still working on rectifying, is players associating with those who can/are scripting for their benefit. The dangers we would like to highlight here is to be careful with the kinds of associations made through groups in the game (often referred to as “clans”). These kinds of players may say they are “helping” you but are in fact in violation of our Terms of Service, and are knowingly putting you into the same violation. At the moment, there are accounts that had to be suspended for this, but are being investigated further to understand why this is happening and what this means for the person being helped by the scripter. The best recommendation we can make to help players avoid getting themselves into this kind of situation is to check carefully who they choose to ally with and clarify what kind of “help” is being offered as part of the group alliance. If you have doubts, don’t take the risk!

Onto something more positive, we’ve got some fixes to report on, a bit of a short list due to travel we’ve both had either interstate or overseas:


  • Bulk buy pricing issue fixed
  • Account transfers came back online
  • Issues with account transfers patched up
  • All inoperative accounts cleared from the game
  • Account resets are now permanent (this includes uninstalling the game before transferring your account)
  • Yet another group of glitchers and cheaters removed from the game

We’ve also got a few feedback polls on the forums going, by us and players, that we’d love to get your opinions on:

Please bear in mind that polls are non-binding; we want to provide players with a platform to easily submit feedback to us, and we are always keen to receive such feedback and shape the game with it, but ultimately it may not be the best course of action for the game. Likewise, as we say in our FAQ, no time frame can be offered on when a certain feature/change will be implemented based on feedback received. Generally we will let polls run their course until it is a subject we can address and decide what changes, if any, need to be made from feedback received.

We’ve had a few users reporting issues with the game after using third party “cloning” apps in conjunction with ours. As we’ve said in a previous update, we do not condone or encourage the use of these or any third party apps with our game! We cannot help you if the game malfunctions because of the app and you lose your account as a result; you void all support from us by using these as they are both known to cause issues and they are also problems we cannot fix as we do not own those other apps, and don’t know what they are doing to your device and game. We recommend instead waiting for our accounts system upgrade, particularly if you are making purchases on your account.

Another small mention we’d like to make is a reminder to players that buying or selling of accounts and/or account assets are against the rules, and you might be faced with disciplinary action(s) without notice. We’d also like to take this opportunity to mention that we do find and remove cheaters from the game, so if you see someone offering you a service like this, they will be caught out eventually and whatever you pay them will be lost- please don’t risk being scammed!

In the coming week, we’ll also soon be hosting a “Planned Features” public list on the Knights Reforged page. This will list all the features and suggestions for additions to the game that we have in mind, or that have been submitted to us via player feedback. This won’t include reported issues that we’re fixing, but rather new things to enhance the game; while not everything on the list may be possible or implemented, we hope players will enjoy seeing this and looking forward to watching the game develop with us!