Upgrades Coming

So another month has passed by, with this one being spent fine tuning some of the smaller details in the game as we work towards larger upgrades. First thing on the list, we’d like to touch on last month’s update as there has still been some confusion on the matter, with rumours yet again adding fuel to the fire. Always be sure you’re getting your information directly from us, either through here on our website or our forums, or even just asking us on our support email. We want to give a shout out to forum user binty who compiled a large list of questions from the community on last month’s updates- these answers have since been collated, condensed and hosted on the following forum thread which we recommend reading in detail if you still have any doubts.

Onto this month’s smaller updates!

  • Planned Features are live on the Games page under KR’s section!
  • Battle algorithm got a few small changes to balance the game a bit more
  • Warning system activated in the game- these messages are received on the home page
  • Tutorial had a small fix applied regarding mentor dialogue
  • A few more cheaters caught and removed!
  • Recent lag issues resolved, caused by cheaters running excessive scripting

The following larger upgrades to come this month is the addition of new artworks, as well as the expansion of the warning system to link in with the report system and be activated, so the backlog of in-game reports can be tended to (so if you are using that report button, keep doing so as we are seeing them and appreciate the reports!). At the moment, one of the most wanted upgrades is currently underway in the game- the accounts system upgrade! With this, players will be able to register their accounts with a username and password, and use this to log in to different devices as they’re on the go. Likewise, if players lose their device or data for whatever reason, a registered account can be recovered by just logging in to a new device/install. These accounts will also be tied to an email address, which we can use to help find account details as opposed to just using army codes, and can also be used to communicate important changes to the game or changes to your account.

At the moment of writing, this upgrade is still in the process of being rolled out, so we do ask for patience as there will be minor disruptions to the game, and access to certain areas may be barred. We also ask for patience after the upgrade is rolled out and we work on tuning out any problems with it- if you do experience an issue after the upgrade is released, please be sure to email in to us as much detail as you can, and include any screenshots where possible or appropriate. Until then… see you in the game!