Feb & March 2021 Updates


  • Cheaters banned/removed
  • Backlog of reported comments underway
  • Android code base overhaul (Google store requirement)
  • Database host provider migration
  • Minor optimizations
  • Base code version upgrade


These last months saw us making some large and major upgrades to the foundations of the game, both the code base itself and the database that stores it all. The result of this has been some downtime to the game in the form of maintenance mode, which is in place to protect from errors that could arise from active user requests (this is something even major corporations need to do from time to time); while we endeavour to advise ahead of time for scheduled maintenance, most of these were on-demand tasks where the alternative would have been total dysfunction of the game.

We would also like to clarify that maintenance mode does not mean that the game is broken, inactive or not being updated, nor does it mean that we are selling or abandoning the game. It just means that we are performing content updates that could be affected by active user input, so user input needs to be temporarily stopped until the update is completed.

A big thank you to those who were patient as we worked through this- to those who utilized extraneous channels to demand attention (including knowingly spamming a developer who was in hospital at the time), we remind you that our website and forums are our official platforms. Along with the in-game message, our forum’s Server Status section also includes information on what’s happening; there should be no reason to harass the development team during this time when questions can also be formally sent to our email support. Because these kinds of incidents are not new, and are progressively becoming more aggressive, we will be taking less of an active role in our extra communication channels and focusing on moderation above all else; we want to thank those who have respectfully used these extra channels in the past to reach us for more urgent matters.

We hope you enjoyed these months’ updates, and as always any questions, problems or feedback can be sent direct to us on our support line (we are open to communication 7 days a week with a varying response rate of 1-3 business days).