New Month

With another month behind us, let’s get straight to the updates and upcoming features!


  • Warning & suspended system setting up for reported comments
  • Website streamlining underway
  • Bug related to negative income patched
  • Experience/levelling issue fixed
  • Large security update rolling out

General Reminders:

  • If you use third party apps on our game, you void all support from us. This has been explained in 2 other news blogs alone.
  • The new accounts system is still device specific. This means you cannot transfer an account you have on another device to join an account on a different device; you will lose your account attempting to do this. Players can find these details in the original announcement for this feature.
  • We are a team of 2 people- support requests are processed within 1-3 business days. Emailing us more than once during this time asking us for a response or similar will only slow us down.
  • Accounts created in the game are non-transferable; this includes “gifting” accounts or temporary changes in ownership.

As seen in our updates list, the warning and suspended system for reported comments is now fully functional, and will soon be engaged in the game. At the moment, our top priority is working through the backlog of reports that have been waiting- thank you to all those who have been using this feature so patiently! Once this backlog has been worked through, players can expect a much more prompt response to any reported comments. With this system now being fully functional, we’d like to explain a bit more on how it works and what this means for players using the report function.

First, and it should go without saying, disciplinary action is not done solely based on a player or comment being reported. The report is used to initiate an investigation to find if there is fault or not. If you follow the game rules, there is nothing to be worried about. When reporting a comment in-game, if there are others by the same user please report these as well instead of indicating to see a certain comment somewhere in the game (we don’t see them in the game- we receive and process these reports outside of the game itself).

Please also be sure to include a reason! While some may be obvious, others might not be- particularly if you’re using that comment to ask us to investigate the player rather than the comment. The reporting system in-game is primarily for reporting comments, or users posting comments, that violate our policies. If you are using the report system to report a suspected cheater, please be aware that this is not the most efficient method as comments can get deleted, which means it will take us much longer to process your report. It is preferred that players send these to us via our support address instead where they can be investigated as soon as received.

Next week or fortnight will likely see its own update as we have a few large updates to be rolled out soon, including security updates and changes to certain aspects of the game based on player feedback. Until then… see you in the game!

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