New Accounts System

The new account system is now live on Knights Reforged!
(Any bugs regarding this should be emailed in to our support line!)

Registering with a username and password, you can now manage 2 accounts from a single device. Transferring to a new device no longer requires a transfer code and process- simply Log In to the new device’s app and your account(s) will be transferred there! There is an email address tied to accounts as well; this will be used to communicate large updates, important changes, or specific advice regarding your account(s). Very important– these accounts are device specific. This means you cannot transfer an account you had on another device to join an account on a different device; you will lose your account attempting to do this!

Please note that Bluepaw staff will never ask you for your in-game password, or any details at all from within the game, so do not share your details with anyone claiming to be us and asking for sensitive information! If this happens, please report it to us immediately.

A reminder regarding our support line: please remember that human beings operate this account, and those humans are restricted to a team of 2 people. Any support requests sent in will be processed within 1-3 business days. We realise this might be shocking news to some, but sending us an email every hour will not make us process your request faster 🙂 In fact, most of the time it actually slows us down as your information gets scattered around or just pushed further down our inbox.