May & June Updates

It’s been another busy set of months for the ever-small Bluepaw Team, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t updates or changes happening; read all about these below!


  • New version Android crashes patched
  • New release patch for iOS users
  • Removal of mass spammers and cheaters
  • Server outage due to a hosting technical fault- game is since running as intended

We’re aware that this update’s list is unfortunately small- this is attributed to a recent purposeful spam of cheating accounts being sent into the game, which has taken up the majority of our time to remove and ensure an equal playing field for all users. We apologize that updates are slow as a result, but based on community feedback so far (which we strongly agree with), we would prefer to prioritize work on removing cheaters who are attempting to spoil the current game for the rest of players. We can confirm that this is limited to a very small group of individuals who are re-appearing with multiple aliases- we again strongly recommend the community be careful with those they choose to associate with and that if they have any doubts, to not hesitate to email in to us for clarification. And as always, keep sending those reports in; they not only help us but also fellow players such as yourself!

Following feedback regarding a recent game change from a number of players, we have launched a new feedback poll on the forums regarding the Bounty Mechanics change back in March, which brought in a a global restriction of 250 deaths to any individual account within a 24 hour period. We have offered several options and intend to leave the poll running for as long as needed in order to try capture a full scope of the community’s opinion regarding this new feature. You can view the poll directly by clicking here! Be sure to spread the word to others in your groups or clans that way they can get their say too.

A small reminder for players; please be sure to register your game accounts to a Bluepaw account if you haven’t already! This will ensure you’ll be able to transfer/recover your accounts across devices when needed in emergency situations such as losing your device, and helps you to more easily manage your 2 accounts per device. Please also be sure to use a valid email address when registering; this is what we use to find, confirm and help you with in any support requests sent. As the game instructions already say, be sure to email us from the registered address and we can help resolve your support ticket even faster.

We hope you enjoyed these months’ updates, and as always any questions, problems or feedback can be sent direct to us on our support line (we are open to communication 7 days a week with a response rate of 1-3 business days).