Checking In

Due to last week’s delayed news, there isn’t a whole lot to report on for this week’s updates but here it is nonetheless!


  • Algorithm issue involving bulk buying items resolved
  • Backlog of support tickets worked through
  • Certain buttons that weren’t working are all fixed now
  • Recent login issues and game lag should be resolved due to server host upgrades

The biggest bit of news we’re happy to share this week is that any users who report issues in the game using our support email that result in us being able to fix the problem will receive in-game Ancient Points as a reward! Only Ancient Points can be received, and the amount may vary depending on how many have reported the issue, and who were the first to do so 🙂 This particular rewards scheme was developed over the week with feedback from a few different users, and we hope that it will help reinforce our gratitude towards the part of our community who have been supporting us tirelessly and want to see these games return to their former glories as we do.

Just to clarify as well- when it comes to reporting any large glitches, we will take your account details so that we are aware that while our data might show you were cheating, we know it was done so to a reasonable extent in order to provide us with the information. Any glitched goods gained will be removed from your account, as it is for all users that glitch, but no further action will be taken on your account. If the level of cheating found is not reasonable enough to be explained by your report, your account may be rolled back a set amount of days in order to remove goods gained via glitching that are across your account.

We weren’t sure whether to address this next topic as we aren’t sure how long the server host upgrades will take, but it seems that in less than a day the rumor mill has churned out some most interesting information! Yes, at the time of this update, the game is down for maintenance. No, hackers have not taken down the game. No, we have not been filed against and made to take down the games. No, we have not reset or given up on the game. We are just working with our server hosts to upgrade some features to help resolve the login issues some have been re-experiencing, as well as help speed the game up a bit now that we have a flourishing community on it. While down for maintenance, we are also taking the time to work through any outstanding support tickets that have been backlogged, as well as taking the time to work on little fixes and future content.

Updates and information aside, we’d like to take this moment to say a special (and massive!) thank you to all the people who have sent in messages with positive feedback, supportive and encouragement, and messages reporting those users on other platforms they’ve found who have voiced their intentions to break the game. Generally in customer service, the bulk of contact made is usually made from users who have a problem of some kind, and anyone out there working in a customer service based job will know what this generally means. We are touched by the many of you who have sent us such kind and wonderful messages over this rough period- thank you for doing so. We’ve said many times that money is not the reason that we do what we do, but perhaps we’ve never really explained the reason why we are doing this- and it’s for players like yourselves that we do this. So thank you for your on-going and tireless support and patience, it means more to us than can be expressed in words… and we’ll see you in the game!!