2021 End-of-Year Updates


  • Comment security update
  • Comment security functionality expanded (includes extension to global & profile names)
  • Unowned global & comment functionality change
  • Reset accounts getting stuck on the Bounty List is now fixed
  • Ancients menu layout fix
  • Gold payout mechanism update


  • Revision of raising the max level- have your say if you haven’t already!
  • Comment report database update
  • Update to invite link functionality
  • New quest features
  • Full game guide write-up (replacement to the wiki)
  • Rewrite of in-game rules section (to be easier to read)

Our primary focus these last couple of months has been to work on comment security within the game, as well as cleaning up inappropriate content in general. We’re very happy to say that as of this moment, we now have multiple automated protections in place to help combat inappropriate comments while also minimizing the impact to players’ gameplay overall. There are still some aspects to this that we will be building on in the future, and these will be elaborated on further in future updates as they are rolled out.

The next project in our sights is looking at raising the maximum level- if you haven’t yet voted on or left feedback for this, we highly recommend doing so on the provided links above as this will be reviewed early within the new year. Wishing everyone a happy holidays from us here at Bluepaw, and hope you ring in the New Year with joy!

We hope you enjoyed these months’ updates, and as always any questions, problems or feedback can be sent direct to us on our support line (we are open to communication 7 days a week with a varying response rate of 1-3 business days).