May & June Updates

Following some overseas and inter-state traveling as well as residential movements, the bi-monthly update comes a bit later than we would have preferred but it’s here nonetheless. Read below what we’ve been up to and what we currently have on our working list!


  • Overhaul for iOS operations
  • Spam/advertisement account removals
  • New Ancient Points purchase options
  • Server optimizations
  • Issue with Help button fixed
  • Army Page display fixed


  • New in-game items (non-loot items)
  • New major security features
  • New quest features
  • Update prompts pushed to devices

We apologize if players have found us to be a bit quiet these sets of months as we have again been working in the background, with both of us traveling either overseas or interstate as well as moving residences. Much of the new features we want to add into the game can’t be done until an overhaul of our code base was completed following some updates from Android and major updates from Apple over the last few months. Many will have noticed there was a day where the game was unexpectedly put into maintenance mode as a bulk of these changes had some trouble going through, and many of our waits this time around came in the form of approvals from the respective stores for updates to the game.

We’re also very much aware that players are keen to see the new items make their way into the game, especially as this will give us the opportunity to better balance Attack and Defense accounts through the use of items. Just as an on-going reminder regarding loot items as this seems to be the biggest qualm we hear from players; as we have said in other updates and we clarify again now, these new items are NOT loot items, and are designated to join the items that are currently in the game. While loot items are indeed on our list, we want to address the balancing issue first and this is why we have not made any statements about work being done on or releases for loot items. We’d also like to touch on why this particular process is taking so long, and the reason behind this is that we only have so many resources at any given time and right now these are being put towards new security measures to address the constant flux of spam account removals we go through. The new upcoming security feature will be our biggest to date, and hope that it be the last major one we have to release.

We hope you enjoyed these months’ updates, and as always any questions, problems or feedback can be sent direct to us on our support line (we are open to communication 7 days a week with a varying response rate of 1-3 business days).