January & February Updates

We hope everyone has been having a good start to the new year; the bi-monthly update comes early this time around as one of the developers will be overseas for the rest of February. Read below what we’ve been up to and what we currently have on our working list!


  • Experience points bug patched
  • Experience points re-calibrated for higher levels
  • Forum updates
  • Large-scale spam account removals


  • New in-game items (non-loot items)
  • Overhaul for iOS operations
  • New major security features
  • New quest development

Many have noticed that our response time has been slower than usual lately, and the bulk of this comes from the time we dedicate to support requests which range from reporting other players to problems with accounts. In particular, we have noticed that those sending player reports are under the impression that we willfully allow cheating to occur because they haven’t seen action taken against the player they have reported. A very small percentage of these will be due to the player themselves found to not be cheating after investigation, or that users steal the identity of others in an attempt to get that player banned. The bigger part though is that as a team of 2, we simply just lack the time to execute the amount of requests currently being received. And for the sake of transparency with our player base, included below is an image to show the amount of support requests currently open for us:

We never willfully allow players to cheat, and we reiterate that players should not choose to engage in such actions thinking that disciplinary action won’t be handed to them. While it may take us some time, action is eventually taken. We also abide by confidentiality which we are aware cheaters have taken advantage of- please be cautious about the players you choose to trust as many claim to never receive disciplinary actions for cheating when the reality is that they have, and that we won’t disclose that information. Bluepaw Games also does not have any associations or connections with players in the game, nor do we give preferential treatment to any players at all (this includes those who make purchases). We pride ourselves so far on this ideal that even a developer’s account was investigated at one point. Those who claim otherwise should be avoided as they are known to try and get others banned by encouraging Terms violations.

We hope you enjoyed these months’ updates, and as always any questions, problems or feedback can be sent direct to us on our support line (we are open to communication 7 days a week with a varying response rate of 1-3 business days).