One Week

Today marks one week since we’ve released the full version of Knights Reforged to Android and iOS. Despite being just a week, a lot has happened during this time! We hope this news update will shed some light on what it is we’re doing in the background, as well as hopefully clear up any confusion regarding the recent issues and their fixes.


  • Warriors being attacked during the tutorial phase
  • Mages starting with an incorrect amount of Charisma
  • Item images not loading
  • iOS (and certain Android) purchases not being accepted
  • Bulk buying items issue
  • Negative income bug
  • Server host going down, resulting in the loss of certain accounts
  • Ancient Points access issue

One new update has also come to forums; any scheduled maintenance will now be indicated through the new “Server Status” box! If you are still experiencing any of the above issues, please contact us immediately on our support email address. Do bear in mind that this is a list of fixes that have been released- it does not include our current worklist! If you have not received a reply from us to an issue not listed here via our other platforms, please be sure to email in to our support address instead.

We are aware of certain rumors circulating regarding these recent issues that have been tended to. The first that we would like to clarify is that we have never put in (or posed as) ATM accounts (accounts that give free gold and EXP) in the game, nor would we ever do so. Likewise, we also do not use any admin privileges on our game accounts to give ourselves an advantage over regular players.

The second clarification is that the game has not been hacked- certain users simply took advantage of glitches already present in the game and used these to harass others. If you see claims in-game regarding cheating or hacking, please email in a report or hit the yellow ! button in-game to report them and their comment. Following this, we would never allow glitchers or hackers to remain active in the game- if their accounts are still active, it’s possible no one has reported the issue or if you have reported the issue, it means we are investigating the situation.

For those awaiting news on our next title, we ask for your patience during this time- we want to make sure KR is running smoothly before jumping across to working on any new titles. Once a new title is chosen from the list, we will be sure to make another announcement, so keep an eye out for this!