2022 End-of-Year Updates


  • Bot/spam account mass removals
  • Server optimizations
  • Database optimizations
  • Forum back-end code upgrade
  • Website security updates
  • Comment report database update
  • Optimizations to comment reports for faster actioning
  • Updates to in-game word filters & where they apply
  • Fixes for various graphical glitches
  • Comment function updated to include new symbol supports


  • In-game Clan system with profile connectivity
  • Update to invite link functionality
  • New quest features
  • Full game guide write-up (replacement to the wiki)
  • Rewrite of in-game rules section (to be easier to read)

2022 has been primarily focused on maintenance, administration, moderation and keeping in-game infrastructure up to date due to difficulties in the personal lives of the developers. Many of these updates included optimisations to our server and databases, as well as upgrading core infrastructure on our platforms to allow us to take advantage of new features and integrate updates more easily. We are ever-adapting when it comes to our strategies for in-game word filters, and updates this year have allowed us to apply it to more widely across the game as well as including recognition for symbol-replacements attempting to bypass this filter. The entire comments reporting process from our database has also been optimised to allow for faster actioning and includes some features we’ll be looking to incorporate over the new year.

Ahead for 2023, we have 2 major projects we will be focusing on in addition to the usual small updates, patches and fixes for Knights Reforged throughout the year. The first of these is reviewing the feedback we have received on which title players want to see next, and using this to decide the basis for our next game which includes laying out the administrative foundations so that development can follow. At the time of writing this, we have begun the process on deciding which title will be next and how this kind of game will look, as well as preparing for the project management ahead. If you haven’t already, please be sure to vote in our poll and have your say on what you’d like to see next!

The second project is setting up an interconnected Clans system within the game; this will start with Knights Reforged, and be expanded out into future titles as they come. Currently this project is in back-end development, with the database being updated to house and connect this information. Be sure to keep an eye out on our forum as we will post a feedback thread where you can vote on what kinds of features you’d like to see as part of this system. Current ideas so far include (but are not limited to): usernames including a Clan emblem, using temporary links to a found profile for your clan to “target”, clans being able to make announcements under their own menu, a new Clan page that will house these announcements as well as a member list, and rankings that apply within a clan (these will also include moderation-like abilities such as being able to make announcements).

We hope you have had a wonderful and safe 2022, and wish you all a prosperous new year ahead. As always any questions, problems or feedback can be sent direct to us on our support line (we are open to communication 7 days a week with a varying response rate of 1-3 business days).